New Season, New Reasons


I’ve been invited to rooms that most people have never had access to, or knowledge of. In the past I have had so many missed opportunities for growth, promotion and exposure, due to lack of resources, time or just plain old fear. I have been diligently working on progressing, personal development and mindset work to change this over the past 10 years. No longer am I a scared woman, who shrinks around others, no longer am I experiencing imposter syndrome, which makes me forget who I am. I am operating and living as a Queen who not only knows what she wants but goes after it with full focus. With that being said, things are the things that I have been working on that have been in development and launching soon.


I have always talked about writing a book ever since I was a little girl. I loved books and still books now but always had the goal to start making them. My imagination has always been so colorful and vast, but I decided that my first book wouldn’t be a fiction book, but a biography about my life up until now. Although most biographies are usually written after a person has accomplished many things in a readers eyes, writing your story is more powerful than that. It’s important to know that if someone is writing a book about their life, even though they have so much more life to live, is because of three important reasons.

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I felt that it was really important for me to write about my past experiences as well as share how I’ve been able to keep moving despite so much adversity. I’ll write more about it in a separate post and I will be sharing more about the book itself in a live Q&A, stay tuned for that. My book, “Restored By Faith” is available for pre-sale on Amazon and it will also be available in paperback.



I have always made it known that I live an intentional and purpose filled life. Always emphasizing as the Fearless Pursuit Motivator, for women to fearlessly pursue their passions and live life to the fullest. What does that mean? That means to release yourself from fear, any reservations to start, any blockers prohibiting you from living the life you truly want to live.

I have spent years studying the human mind, analyzing and increasing my knowledge in the areas of psychology, sociology and health sciences as it pertains to our society. I’m currently working on my path to be become a licensed mental health therapist, but as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that I can share what I know and apply what I know to help thousands of women. I’ve worked in corporate environments and Fortune 500 companies, but nothing compares to truly living and working freely in the area you truly thrive in. I’ve abandoned my “9-5” mindset to become a full-time entrepreneur and although it can be a slow process, I’m willing to make the move to also live the life I love.

I recently became certified and have been working on what I can offer and provide to my community in regards to growing and thriving as the Queens they truly are. My hope is to help aspiring and driven millennial womxn, single moms, and corporate 9-5’ers who are ready to take that leap to pursue their passion and purpose.

I’m excited to embark on this journey, as I’ve many times before, I am concentrating on heart-centered, intentional work and I invite you all to join me. If you know of someone or are someone who is ready to level up and join a community of women who are determined to break out and live life fearlessly. My new company is called, Fearless Empowerment Consulting, and I will be providing life purpose coaching and business consulting. VISIT THE SITE



It’s time to not only put things in action but also share about it and other’s stories and triumphs in a podcast. Voices need to be heard and I’m excited to share space with other creatives who are willing and ready to share.

Life and Legacy is a podcast based on living a life of Faith, Love, Self-Care, Self-Love, Personal Development, Growth and Legacy, in all areas of life and business. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the show, fill out the form here.




Clubhouse Summit #2

Clubhouse and the Summit That Brought Us Together


I have been to a few different types of webinars, events and conferences. Many that I chose were life changing. This summit wasn’t any different. Clubhouse Summit #2, hosted by Mike Wayne, on the Clubhouse app, was one of the most enlightening online events I’ve ever been to.

First off, Clubhouse is an audio drop-in app that has catapulted into the ranks to be one of the fastest growing apps in social media. At first, only available on IOS, Clubhouse is an audio only app that was an exclusive invite only app, up until this month, where they have allowed a few beta Android testers to download and use the app.

The app has been made popular by the celebrities that have utilized it, but the REAL substance has been proven and shown by the hard working 9-5’rs and entrepreneurers on the app. The gems, tips and knowledge that are shared on the app, when truly researched, provide so much needed resources, support and space to connect.

Fast forward to my connection with Stevii Mills on social media, I saw that she shared about a Clubhouse Summit on her page. I was intrigued and since I am moving forward in this new season of self discovery and moving forward to speaking on different platforms and social media, I decided to not only make sure that I was there for every day of the week long summit, but to fearlessly try and provide my experience and knowledge on some of the panels that were seeking more speakers.

For those of you who know, I have been on this fearless journey for a long time. I have been conquering public speaking since beginning my Youtube experience 7 years ago, and more recently, 4 years ago starting my livestreaming experience. I am more comfortable now but wanted to challenge myself on a new app and add to the space and not just take and run away with the information I was learning.

In the Clubhouse Summit #2, (I unfortunately missed the first one), had many panels to choose from and so many speakers of all levels on the panel, as well as Key Note Speakers. All of the panels that were scheduled for the summit were vast, which included specific social media tips and strategies for growth and visibility. The panels that stuck out to me, that I also participated in, were the Women Empowerment Panel, Mompreneur Panel and Mental Health Panel.


Although I have been speaking, sharing and creating on Youtube and livestreaming platforms, the Clubhouse platform was new platform to me and I was in unfamiliar territory. I am so thankful for Mike and his team of moderators, who offered not only a welcoming enviroment, but a safe space and open minds to allow people from to speak and engage during the summit, whom they mostly never met or heard of.

It was a beautiful experience. Perfectly curated in regards to selections for the key note speakers to panelist who were entertaining, educating and informing us all in different topic areas. The moderation for the summit was orchestrated by far the most seamless I have ever seen on the platform thus far, and many people should definitely take note of the women, who helped to make it as magical as it was.

The Producers Club.jpg
CHECK THEM OUT ON CLUBHOUSEThe key moderators for the Clubhouse Summit #2 helped to make the panels great and I’m appreciative of their time and attention to everyone.

It was the Mompreneur panel that really touched my heart, because as well all got through our tips and shares for the panel, we began to share about other mother/daughter relationships and somehow that “4th wall” was broken through. Sets of mothers and daughters were on stage and sharing and pouring into one another, including my own.

I’ve never felt as close to strangers than in that moment. I will say that over the time of the week long summit, I was able to overcome a lot of the mental “hurdles” that I’ve been going back and forth in my head about. I can’t explain how hearing other peoples journey’s and the lack of fear and judgement helped to not only allow us to see each other on a more personal level but to see ourselves as we truly want to be; uninhibited and unapologetically ourselves.

I’ll sum up my takeaways although I could talk about this summit for days. Here are the big factors I walked away with:

  1. There’s strength in realizing your potential in who you are and where you want to be. Your purpose is already in you, if you take a moment to remove all of the doubt and fear, your destiny is waiting for you to tap into it.
  2. There’s power in having a team. Don’t be afraid to delegate or ask for help in areas you may need help or feel weak in. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish but trusting those around you, who truly want to see you win.
  3. There’s hope in knowing you are not alone. Although it may seem you are the only one who may be going through what you’re going through, whether it’s a life or business issue or situation, but there are so many others who are. Your story, your testimony, and your share, may help them as theirs may help you. Sharing truly is caring.
  4. Lastly, taking a leap of faith and exploring new areas, topics, subjects that may have been previously cliche, taboo, or unpopular, can truly open your eyes and mind to being more open to people from different walks of life or backgrounds.

There were other takeaways from the summit that were important to business and social media growth, but for me it was important, and always important to understand the gravity of the meeting of minds from all over the world. I’m thankful for that, and the presentation of resources and the opportunity to make connections with people I most likely would have never met or taken the time to understand or talk to.

Conferences, events, and other connecting opportunities like this should not be taken lightly. Personal and business development is so important. I always take the opportunity to feed my mind by attending them when I can, whether they are free or not, because what’s important is what I can get out of it, which most of the time worth more than money.

(If you’re interested in the next Clubhouse Summit, follow Mike Wayne and follow The Producers for more information)


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We’ve Moved! Tour the New Site TheLovelyPhotog.Com


If you’re reading this, First I’d like to thank you for doing so! You’re awesome!

It’s been awhile since I posted here and for good reason. I’ve decided to rebrand and transition this blog over to as to allow more room to offer my services, as well as keep you up to date with my life, inspiration, and tips.

I’ve been working on self development and business development and I have outgrown the vision I had for this site and have been busy polishing my brand.

This is by no means an invitation for you to wish me well, but to invite you to make the transition with me by following me over at the new site and connecting.



LR Africa Day Fest| Summer Fun

We absolutely enjoyed ourselves at the 2nd Annual LR Africa Day Fest. It happened over Memorial Day Weekend and we ventured out shortly after the start. There was so much to do and see. They had crafts, art, food, and vendors. We purchased from local shops and artists and got to meet some amazing people.


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


Korto Momolu The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest


The Lovely Photog Copyright 2018|Africa Day Fest



The LR Africa Day Fest, presented by Afrika House Organization, was held on Saturday, May 26th from 11a-6pm in the SOMA Neighborhood & Bernice Garden of Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.

The LR Africa Day Fest featured vendors of all sorts, kid zone areas, entertainment with music and dancers, and plenty of food and art.

The LR Africa Day Fest helps to celebrate, showcase and educate on the African culture and arts. Africa Day is generally celebrated world-wide on May 25th of every year.

About Africa Day (Source:

“Africa Day, formerly known as African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day, began May 25, 1963, through the Organization of African Unity, now known as the African Union, which promoted solidarity among African nations. Since its inception, the celebration of Africa Day has spread to the continents of Europe and Australia. Cities across the U.S. also recognize Africa Day.”


Africa Day Fest








Spotlight on Featured Book Author: Tora Spraggs



I am introducing the new Featured Book Author series here on the blog, to help place a spotlight on published authors who have authored or co-authored amazing fiction or nonfiction books.

The authors that are featured are women and men who have positive outlooks on life and positive messages to share. If you know of an author, or would like to be featured, complete the Featured Book Author Form and I will feature your published work.

Featured Book Author



Tora “ToraNado” Spraggs is a dynamic business woman and author with a diverse purpose, possessing a unique mix of entrepreneurship and inspirational work. As the owner of Mosaic Magnolias; Tora delivers the message that your past traumas should not dictate and determine your future, “You were born to bloom”. She believes that building a strong foundation in faith during your healing process is a major key to success. As a unique entrepreneur and also a motivational speaker, Tora aims to make a difference with her personal story.

Featured Books

From Wandering to Walking in Faith: Breaking the Stronghold of Abuse



Social Media







Literacy is the Key to Success

My earliest childhood memory, is me sitting on my dads car reading a book at 5 yrs old. Ever since I could remember, I had a book in my hand. I started reading at a very young age. My mom introduced me to books as soon as I could walk and I began reading at the young age of 2.

I love reading books so much that instead of playing, I had my nose in a book. If I wasn’t reading, I was reimagining the stories that I dreamt of being in.

My love for books grew as I got older and I quickly fell in love with poetry by the age of 9. This year was a significant year for me, as my family dynamic changed and I now had a way to express myself——through poetry. I loved to draw and immerse myself in that creative space as well, but reading was like eating and breathing.

As I got older the fictional books, turned into non-fiction, and from there I began to educate myself on self care, self help business and more. Soaking it up like a sponge I learned more about how things were instead of how I imagined it. I always read in school, so much so, that by the time I got to high school, I was voted most likely to write a book. That says a lot for a young woman in high school. This was also a clue to what would be manifested in my future.

So fast forward to now, as a woman with a young child, I have given my love for books and reading to my daughter. Ever since she was in the womb, I’ve been reading to her. I have read to her continuously every night, since the day she was born. Now, at 6 yrs old she checks out a minimum of 30 books when we go to the library, which is every 1-2 weeks.

I have never let up because reading has been the best thing that has happened to me. It has not only allowed me to speak well, spell well, and educate me, it has allowed me to become cultured, imaginative and innovative. Through literacy, I’m providing my daughter the key to success.

There are several programs, authors, and published companies I support for helping to push and provide reading opportunities to children to adults. Literacy is a gift and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I hope that in this new digital age, reading books will never stop. It’s important to keep the legacy of real and tangible reading materials to help increase the literacy rates in our communities.

Literacy is…the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential.”

Kofi Annan

If you are a part of, or know of any great literacy programs or communities, don’t hesitate to share below.

Literacy Efforts I Support:

The Little Free Library

Barbershop Books

National Biographers Day

Did you know that it’s #nationalbiographersday ? Gearing up to start writing my autobiography and I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’ve been writing for years, but there’s something about writing about my life and the truth in it, that makes me hesitant. The truth is, if I don’t tell my story who will? .

Spotlight on Featured Book Author: Stevii Aisha Mills

I am introducing the new Featured Book Author series here on the blog, to help place a spotlight on published authors who have authored or co-authored amazing fiction or nonfiction books.

The authors that are featured are women and men who have positive outlooks on life and positive messages to share. If you know of an author, or would like to be featured, complete the Featured Book Author Form and I will feature your published work.

Featured Book Author

Stevii Aisha Mills embraces a culture where fun is not just a niche, it is a necessity! Stevii is a native of Greensboro, NC and a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, where Aggie Pride reigns. Her formal education consists of a BA in Public Relations and a MS in Human Resources, however Stevii’s real life experiences have made her a well known social media influencer and gained her the title “The Chief IT Factor Cultivator“!

A woman unashamed to incorporate tons of fun into her life and business, all the while declaring, “I love my life!”, has made Stevii a highly sought out speaker and consultant.

Featured Books

Cultivating Your It Factor

You Have No Idea The Hell I’ve Been Through

The Pieces Of My Platform

Social Media


Choosing Your Ideal Client: Part I

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In business, we all want to work with the “perfect” client. Whether it’s for selling a product or specifically, a service, we want to be and deal with the best of the best.

As you know, I’ve been a photographer in business for awhile now, and in this time I have researched many different ways to reach potential clients and provide excellent service to them. In this time of research, I’ve found that I wanted a better relationship with the people that I service and want to be able to choose my ideal client.

What do you mean by choosing an ideal client? To sum it up, choosing the individual or business that you want to provide products or services to that are perfectly matched to your mission, goals and value offered in your business.

Why do I want to choose my ideal client as opposed to working with anyone? The purpose of choosing your ideal client is to help to increase the value, profitability, creativity and fulfillment in your chosen area of expertise. You essentially want to be able to work with your ideal client to have a better connection and long lasting relationship and to help produce productivity, referrals and confidence in what you provide.

In thinking about choosing your ideal client, you want to create a checklist, but before you do, you’ll need to list the characteristics that you DON’T WANT in a client and the characteristics that you DO WANT.

When creating your lists, make sure to think of the characteristics and behaviors that you don’t want your ideal client to possess and start from there. Are they close minded? Are they non-communicative? Are they demanding? Are they negative? You get where I’m going with this line of questioning right?

Now what about the clients you do want? Are they outgoing? Are they value centered as opposed to price centered? Are they confident? Are they reliable? Are they positive? In creating these lists, we can prune our clients lists or start to create an ideal client list, which will move us further into marketing to our ideal client.

Have you thought about having the perfect client or customer?

Why or why not?


What Seeds Are You Sowing This Season?




Spring is finally here! Well, it has arrived in some parts of the U.S., it has certainly been missed here in Arkansas.

To sow a seed, in gardening terms is to get a seed ready to plant for something to grow. In spiritual terms, to sow a seed, means to give or do something for the purpose of growth.


There are 3 Ways I plan to Sow a Seed This Season:


Stewardship for my community, family and friends.

Self Care for me and my mental and physical wellness.

Surround myself with positive people and things.


If you’d like to see me chat more about sowing a seed, check out my video below:

What Seeds Are You Sowing This Season?