Photography 101 Series| Mastering Your Camera Settings


In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting my new series, Photography 101: Mastering Your Camera Settings

This series will be for new or beginner photographers who are interested in getting to know their point and shoot and dslr cameras

a little better.

I’m excited and hope that this Photography 101 series will shed some light on using your camera as a blogger, hobbyist or professional photographer.

Here are the parts to the series.

They will be linked as they are posted so that you can come back and refer to this page as an index.

Part I: Understanding Exposure

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed

Part II: Understanding Camera Mode Settings

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Macro/Close-Up
  • Sport/Action
  • Night Scene
  • Movie Mode

Part III : Manual Mode Settings

  • Manual
  • Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Aperture Priority


This is just the beginning, hopefully I can have more projects and tasks to share with you guys!


8 thoughts on “Photography 101 Series| Mastering Your Camera Settings

  1. livingmommywood says:

    I found your blog on I have a passion for photography and started my own Instagram acct close to a year ago to explore that passion love your tips.following you via bloglovin!! Look forward to some great shares from you. Blessed day 🙂

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